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          At Stamps & Chops

  • Each personalised name stamp, keychain name stamp, teacher stamp, custom stamp or company stamp is manufactured by us with stringent quality control and excellent workmanship

  • We do not outsource our orders

  • All our stamps are pre-inked for your convenience and all of them are re-inkable

  • Fast turnaround time, orders are sent out on the next business day upon confirmation of artwork

  • Personalised service, one contact point from order, design, manufacture and delivery

Personalised Name Stamps

Stamps & Chops - Personalised Name Stamp | Keychain name stamps

Pre-inked |  Re-inkable

Price from S$6.90 to S$10.90 only

Custom Stamps

Stamps & Chops - Customised stamps

Pre-inked |  Re-inkable

Price from S$12.90 to S$20.90 only

Teacher Stamps

Stamps & Chops- Teacher Stamp

Pre-inked |  Re-inkable

Price from S$8.90 to S$10.90 only

Company Stamps

Stamps & Chops - Company stamps

Pre-inked |  Re-inkable

Price from S$12.00 to S$34.00 only

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